Current Silkroad Date:22 October, 2019

Silkroad Online Mobile is Coming!

Before Silkroad Online Mobile news, I’ve been talking about the possibility of silkroad online coming to steam.

Then we heard Joymax transferred the mobile rights of Silkroad Online to U1 Game Digital Entertainment. It’s been a long time ago and is now collecting pre-records of Silkroad Online Mobile.

The U1 Game Digital Entertainment has a message:


Hello everyone! 🎈🎈We are the developer of “Silkroad Online” mobile game from China. We are authorized to develop “Silkroad Online” mobile game by Joymax, South Korea, which can be run on mobile device that support iOS and Android. The mobile “Silkroad Online” has the same background of the PC Client “Silkroad online”, which is based on the rise and fall of the Silk Road in the seventh century. The mobile game will have run a test shortly, and we sincerelly invite all of you to join in the test~ We welcome everyone and have an ambition to bring more fun for you~

─U1 Game Digital Entertainment


After a long time, it will be very enjoyable to play Silkroad on mobile. Although the manufacturer does not provide complete information about the game’s internal mechanics, it will most likely be quite similar to the Silkroad PC version. There are 2 videos shared from their offical pages:


Hello everyone! This is a video about “silkroad online” mobile game BOSS^^ Please enjoy!!!

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On the company’s website, it has determined the 10 February release date.

Reinforce Bag * 1, Pet Skill Bag * 1, Money Bag * 1 will be given as a gift to those who pre-register for the game. Here you can find the official page and Facebook page of Silkroad Online Mobile. I end my writing saying that


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